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Classroom Activities and Exercises

"The senses explore the world and open the way to understanding and knowledge." - M. Montessori

At the start of the year, some of the more advanced materials may not be sitting on the shelves (this depends on the readiness of the particular children to work with them). Adding materials throughout the year maintains a dynamic atmosphere and underlines to the children the progress they and their classmates have made.

Practical Life

"Any child who is self-sufficient, who can tie his shoes, dress or undress himself, reflects in his  joy and sense of achievement the image of human dignity, which is derived from a sense of independence." - M. Montessori

Practical life activities encourage the development of independence and foster the child's adaptation to the social context of his/her environment. At the preschool level, practical life activities include care of self, care of the environment, exercises of grace and courtesy, and control of physical movement. At the elementary level,  practical life is expressed through social organization of tasks for the benefit of the class community, as well as the preparation of and activities involved in "going out."

Preliminary exercises
  • Carrying a chair
  • Carrying a table
  • Carrying an apparatus
  • Rolling and unrolling a rug
  • Opening and closing a door
  • Spooning rice
  • Pouring rice
  • Pouring water
  • Folding fabric
  • Dusting

Care of self exercises
  • Button frame
  • Snap frame
  • Hook and eye frame
  • Buckle frame
  • Zipper frame
  • Bow frame
  • Lacing frame
  • Washing hands
  • Polishing shoes
  • Washing dishes


Care of environment exercises
  • Sweeping
  • Polishing Wood
  • Washing a table
  • Arranging flowers
  • Bundling kindling wood
  • Cutting vegetables

Movement exercises
  • Walking on the line
  • The silence game

Grace and courtesy exercises
  • Invitation into the classroom to be seated
  • Greeting by name
  • How to find a chair that fits your body

Art exercises
  • Drawing with crayons
  • Painting with water colors
  • Printing with stencils
  • Collage
  • Sculpting
  • Fiber art: making a pompom
  • Art folder
  • Art forms from other cultures


The Sensorial/Geometry materials and exercise enable the young child to discriminate, order, and classify sensory impressions in relation to length, size, color, pitch, smell, et cetera. The addition of language gives the child a beginning "scientific vocabulary" to describe and compare qualities of objects.
  • Solid cylinder blocks
  • Pink tower
  • Brown stair
  • Red rods
  • Color tablets I
  • Three-period lesson
  • Color tablets II
  • Color tablets III
  • Geometry cabinet
  • Geometry cabinet cards
  • Botany cabinet and cards
  • Sensitizing fingers
  • Touch boards
  • Introduction to a blindfold
  • Graded touch tablets
  • Fabrics
  • Baric tablets
  • Thermic bottles
  • Thermic tablets
  • Tasting jars
  • Smelling bottles
  • Sound cylinders
  • Bells
  • Geometric solids
  • Sorting exercises
  • Mystery bags
  • Rectangular box I
  • Rectangular box II
  • Triangular box
  • Small hexagonal box
  • Large hexagonal box
  • Knobless cylinders
  • Binomial cube
  • Trinomial cube
  • Decanomial square
  • Superimposed geometric figures

Introduction to quantity and symbol
  • Number rods
  • Sandpaper numbers
  • Number rods and cards
  • Spindle boxes
  • Number cards and counters
  • Memory game with numbers

Decimal System
  • Presentation with beads
  • Formation of numbers with beads and cards
  • Addition: simple and dynamic
  • Subtraction: simple and dynamic
  • Multiplication: simple and dynamic
  • Division: simple and dynamic
  • Division with bows
  • Stamp game: addition
  • Stamp game: subtraction
  • Dot game

Counting exercises
  • Teen beads
  • Teen boards with cards
  • Teen boards with beads and cards
  • Linear counting
  • Skip counting
Four operations
  • Addition
    • Positive snake game
    • Addition strip board
    • Addition practice charts
  • Subtraction
    • Negative snake game
    • Subtraction strip board
    • Subtraction practice charts
  • Multiplication
    • Geometric multiplication
    • Multiplication board
    • Multiplication practice charts
  • Division
    • Unit division board
    • Division practice charts
    • Small bead frame
    • Large bead frame
    • Test tube division: short division
    • Test tube division: long division
  • Introduction to fractions
  • Addition of fractions
  • Subtraction of fractions
  • Multiplication of fractions
  • Division of fractions

Enrichment of vocabulary

Sound games, reading and writing exercises
  • Metal insets
  • Sound games
  • Sandpaper letters
  • Movable alphabet
  • Stages of writing
  • Phonetic reading
  • Puzzle words
  • Phonograms
  • Reading classification

Function of words
  • Function of words: article
  • Function of words: adjective
  • Function of words: logical adjective game
  • Function of words: detective adjective game
  • Function of words: conjunction
  • Function of words: preposition
  • Function of words: verb
  • Function of words: continuation of commands
  • Function of words: adverb
  • Function of words: logical adjective game
Sentence analysis
  • Sentence analysis: simple sentence/stage I
  • Sentence analysis: simple sentence/stage II
  • Sentence analysis: simple sentences with extensions
  • Sentence analysis: simple sentences with indirect objects
  • Sentence analysis: simple sentences with attributes
  • Sentence analysis: simple sentences with appositives
  • Word study: antonyms
  • Word study: positives, comparatives, superlatives

  • Land and waterforms
  • Sandpaper globe
  • Painted globe
  • Map of the world
  • Map of one continent
  • Flags
  • Geography folders
  • Mapmaking
  • Isolation maps
Music and languages
  • Bells: music notation
  • Bells: music composition
  • Bells: reading music
  • Rhythm, melody, harmony
  • Singing
  • Drama


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