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Enroll Today! We have openings for this Fall 2015!

2015-2016 Schedule and Tuition

We are currently enrolling children for our “Primary” program for 2015-2016.
This program is open to children who were between 3-6+ years old on September 1st, 2015. 

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Enroll Today! We have openings for this Fall 2015!

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Regular Program

In order to take full advantage of the Montessori Primary program, our 4-6 year old children are with us for full school day. We offer our 3 year-old children the option of a half-day program or the full program. A $500 deposit is required to confirm your child's enrollment if accepted. This deposit is credited to the tuition.

Scholarship assistance may be available. Please inquire for further information.

Program Drop-Off Pick-Up Tuition

Primary I Full day

8:00 2:30 $7,650

Primary II Full day

8:30 3:00 $7,650

Primary I Half day

8:00 12:15 $5,800

Primary II Half day

8:30 12:45 $5,800

Before and After School Programs

In addition to our standard program, we offer parents the flexibility of before school and after school programs.  Only students in one of our regular programs can be accepted to these programs.  Before school care is available for the Primary II class starting at 8:00 am. After school care is available for both classes until 5:30 pm. The annual rates for a full week (Monday through Friday) are:

½ hour $450
1 hour $900
1 ½ hours $1,350
2 hours $1,500

You may also arrange for annual care on certain days of the week and/or specific dates; please inquire for details and rates.


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